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About Us


Director, Sparsh Unisex Salon

How you begin doesn't necessarily define how you'll proceed. Believe that today is the beginning of anything you want;

This is something that Geetu Sachdeva often says and in fact she leads her life as a live example of this statement.She started off with a post graduate degree and a career in educational field, and eventually got married in a business family where she didn't have to work unless she wanted to. However, determined to make something out of her life, Geetu Sachdeva began her journey to find her true calling.

With guidance of her friends, support of her family and appreciation from her husband, Geetu began to indulge into the beauty industry. Her first step into the industry was when she joined the VLCC academy. Here she was motivated to introspect herself and find her passion. This was something that triggered her faith in herself.

She often says while recalling the time that, "If someone who barely knew her was so sure that this is what she is meant for, then there was definitely a spark that she must explore." From here she moved on to gain expertise and persuaded a number of courses in India as well as abroad to enhance her technical mastery in makeup and styling. The best source of marketing for her till date has been word of mouth. This in itself shows her skill set, dedication, professionalism and her excellence.

Whether PRP, Bridal or Air Brush Makeup, she has learnt as well as innovated new techniques of her own. She is teaching and offers consultation regarding hair and skin as well. She lives by the saying that there is nothing that a woman can't do if she believes in herself. 



A Canadian poet had said that "Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth."

his is what Sparsh is all about; this magical touch that can make an experience come alive! It was incepted in the year 2008 with three branches already and aims to reach multiple salons via the route of franchise.

Sparsh Unisex Salon is focused on giving a client complete satisfaction with regards to services that are rendered by experts, and at rates that are competitive. We dedicate ourselves to give you a hospital environment that is hygienic and at every single moment that you're here with us, you feel well taken care of.

We give ultimate importance to client satisfaction and offer services such that every person who walks in gets an experience that makes them want to come back. We believe that if we offer services to the clients that make them feel satisfied, there is no way that they will want to switch and find other possible places. This is the only way that every individual associated with us can grow and we as a company can prosper.

Our ultimate priority is customer satisfaction. There is nothing that we keep before our clients; be it a brand endorsement or financials etc. As per Indian ethics we believe that "a guest is equivalent to God" (ffe :).

We are not here to just earn money rather we are here to make our living therefore, we don't focus on how much the client can spend on us rather we focus on how we can offer the client services that makes them feel that every penny that they paid was well spent.